Diligence uses the latest techniques and facilities to extract, process, analyse and present forensic material. We aim to corroborate facts and the evidence chain leading up to an event. We act on both criminal and civil cases representing plaintiffs and defendants, and are often used as independent third party experts. 

Digital: The use of electronic devices now regularly extends to cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, digital storage devices, and numerous items found in the office and home. Previously known as computer forensics, core to this offering is data preservation, extraction, examination and the recovery of deleted information.

Cell Site Analysis: Can prove someone was in a specific location, or not as the case may be. Also offers the ability to gain an understanding of a person’s pattern of movement.

eDiscovery: Many different types of acquired data are hosted, filtered and reviewed; with remote analysis by custodians across a secure digital platform in multiple languages.

Imagery: Forensic analysis, digital image processing and authentication is applied to all forms of video or stills imagery, even if the images are distorted or tampered with.

Audio: Recordings can be enhanced and improvements made to the intelligibility of speech, which enables reporting on a disputed recording or the transcription of spoken content.

Questioned Documents: Handwriting - including signatures - can be examined and official documents authenticated, even if the material is damaged or shredded.

In 2010, after many years as a client, Diligence acquired BSB Forensics. The company came with a decade of experience, having worked on thousands of cases as an expert witness.