Due Diligence

We enable our clients to make informed decisions about the companies and people with whom they work. We focus on the people, their individual past performance, motivation, reputation and character. This is coupled with the culture, reputation and success of the business they have built or lead.

We advise globally on mergers and acquisitions, private equity, IPOs and new business partnerships. We offer specific FCPA or UK anti-bribery related programmes, including 3 phase global vendor screening.  

Enhanced Due Diligence: Talking to people who best know the company or individual of interest, supported by desk-based research and analysis.

Standard Due Diligence: In-depth desk-based review of information that is often ‘hard to find’ but publicly available, coupled with regulatory checks to fit your jurisdictional and anti-bribery and corruption criteria. 

Red Flag: Our clients are often looking at multiple targets, so an initial review can save time and money before conducting more detailed work. It can also give the opportunity to work through any problems with the target business at an early stage.

Whether the subject of interest is a company, management team, board member or third-party associate, Diligence ensures you have confidence in those with whom you go into business.