Our experienced investigators use overt and covert techniques to piece together complex patterns of activity. We look to shed light on past actions and associations. We examine motives, future intentions and capabilities in order to expose key facts. We have extensive experience in commercial and criminal cases, acting both offensively and defensively before and during claims as well as post awarded recovery.

We foster a creative and audacious approach, while ensuring our work is proportionate and respectful of the laws of the jurisdiction in which we operate. Our services include:

Locating and Investigating: We locate and monitor individuals of interest who may be seeking to flee arrest, evade litigation or steal assets, or who are of interest for more prosaic reasons. This area of the practice also operates in the planning and execution of complex process serving.

Intelligence: Identifying the modus operandi of a target or network is a critical part of any large investigation. The ability to predict the next move allows our clients to plan strategically.

Provision of Evidence: We acquire evidence in the form of affidavits, timelines and expert witness testimony.

Identifying and Profiling Witnesses: We identify, profile and cultivate potential sources; understanding their motivations and managing their evolution to becoming fully-fledged witnesses.

Asset Tracing and Mapping of Structures: We identify assets and prove their ownership and value, taking into account both jurisdictional enforcement and hidden ownership.

Covert Surveillance and Monitoring: Surveillance is deployed to locate individuals, map their activities and lifestyles, and identify their associates, co-conspirators, facilitators and assets.

We can work with your in-house team or external lawyers, and we can help you build a team based on the best fit for your case and jurisdiction.